London System

Bàn cờ hiển thị London System với các nước đi 1. d4 Nf6 2. Nf3 g6 3. Bf4 được chơi
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The London System is considered easy to learn and a solid and safe setup for White against most of Black’s opening variations, which is why it is especially popular with club players. Some, however, also characterize it as boring and draw-prone opening.

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Eric Rosen often plays the London system in his streams. So he also has several videos about this opening. One of these videos is a lecture on the Saint Louis Chess Club YouTube channel: Beat Good Players with the London

If you want to learn more about the theory of the London opening, I can recommend this video series by Hanging Pawns. In the videos he goes into the theory of the opening and explains how to respond to different responses from black.


One of the oldest documented games using the London system is a game between James Mason (White) and Joseph Henry Blackburne (Black) played at a tournament in London in 1883.

Các bài học về London System

Học London System sử dụng các bài học công cộng.

London System Repertoire
1100 của SummerAndo

Repertoire for white in the London System.

Jobava London System
51 của Gilbert

A comprehensive look at the off-beat and now trending Jobava variation of the London system.

The Positional and Aggressive Rapport Jobava London System
31 của BlitzableOnLiStudy

Welcome to my Chess Opening Course of the Rapport-Jobava London System! The Rapport-Jobava London System is a infallible opening which is moderately low and theory and quite easy to play. This Opening system is very flexible. Bf4 Nc3 Targets are on the queenside. This Opening System meets both aggressive and positional player's desire and objective. Either tamed or bewildered the choice is up to you!

London Traps Training
29 của Ilitsj

Win material, get a winning position or mate the oppononent with these London tricks. All these studies are public information and are gathered from Youtube, Lichess and other sites.

Londom System
12 của Randy2206

Este es el sistema londres y las diversas variantes que pueden suscitarse dentro de este patrón de juego, es eficaz a la hora de jugar con blancas y es capaz de dejar las piezas del rival en estado de inmovilidad permitiendonos atacar efectivamente el flanco de rey

Defense against london by gothamchess and agadmator
11 của tiranor

Taken from lichess, with games examples

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Chơi chống lại London System

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