London System Repertoire

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Repertoire for white in the London System.

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London System

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Study here:

by: BeneBeats

Great study I love repertoire opening training and then taking away arrows until no mistakes then move on brilliant great for muscle memory training.

by: Improving

Very interesting and useful. Is it possible to get trained on the same openings, with the same methodology, but as black? Thank you.

by: GodSaveTheBishop

engine is saying 9.Bc2 rather than 9.Be2 which feels more intuitive as well keeping the bishop lined up with h7 (in the d5 e6 part 1)

by: karpovvv

Thanks a lot! I don't manage to get 100%, keep stick on 95%, you know why?

by: bardatron


by: PholConde

Thank you!

by: splqng

I second Improving's comment, I don't want to play London but I'd like to be able to defend against it, so the same repertoire as black would be super useful !

by: kelarian

stuck at 95 %, somebody knows why?

by: GMViruz

👍 nice

by: maqsadjon0711

lol, also stuck at 95%. what is the deal?

by: rogers8533

I am stuck at 95% as well

by: Norton

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