French Defense

Bàn cờ hiển thị French Defense với các nước đi 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 được chơi
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The idea for black in the french defense is to undermine whites center as soon as possible. With e6 and e5 black immediately fights for control in the center.

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The french defence is covered a lot on YouTube.

For example, Hanging Pawns has a series on the opening with 8 videos. In the series he discusses the main variations of the opening and explains the ideas of the theory in an understandable way.

Ben Finegold also has a lecture on the opening for the Saint Louis Chess Club: Introduction to the French Defence | Kids’ Class


The name of the French defense dates from 1834. In the middle of a correspondence chess competition between a London team and one from Paris, the French responded to the opening move 1. e4, by the Londoners, with the move 1. … e6 and won the game.

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French Defence
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A study about the French Defense. Going over the important themes and covering multiple sidelines. Created by lichess user Mr_Pennings:

Rozman French Defense by Gotham Chess
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The Rozman French Defense as studied by IM Levy (GothamChess). Link to the youtube video:

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Intro to the French Defense for Black

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Learn the French Defense | 10-Minute Chess Openings from IM Levy -> Crush Opponents with the Rozman French Defense from IM Levy ->

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Practicing the variations of Lenin Perez's French Defense study from Lichess.

French defence
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French defence practice set

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