French Defense

Chessboard showing the French Defense with the moves 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 played
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The idea for black in the french defense is to undermine whites center as soon as possible. With e6 and e5 black immediately fights for control in the center.

Video Content

The french defence is covered a lot on YouTube.

For example, Hanging Pawns has a series on the opening with 8 videos. In the series he discusses the main variations of the opening and explains the ideas of the theory in an understandable way.

Ben Finegold also has a lecture on the opening for the Saint Louis Chess Club: Introduction to the French Defence | Kids’ Class


The name of the French defense dates from 1834. In the middle of a correspondence chess competition between a London team and one from Paris, the French responded to the opening move 1. e4, by the Londoners, with the move 1. … e6 and won the game.

Studies about the French Defense

Learn the French Defense using public studies.

French Defence
35 by Ja

A study about the French Defense. Going over the important themes and covering multiple sidelines. Created by lichess user Mr_Pennings:

Rozman French Defense by Gotham Chess
28 by alphadave

The Rozman French Defense as studied by IM Levy (GothamChess). Link to the youtube video:

Beating the French
7 by danwilkins7

The Tarrasch Line to beat the French.

The French Defense - Intro
6 by Painterpainter

Intro to the French Defense for Black

French Defense study by Lenin Perez
4 by fatewind1

Practicing the variations of Lenin Perez's French Defense study from Lichess.

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