Ponziani Opening

Bàn cờ hiển thị Ponziani Opening với các nước đi 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.c3 được chơi
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The Ponziani Opening is one of the oldest recorded chess openings.

Many consider the Ponziani opening to be bad because white “wastes” his third move with a pawn move which blocks the way for the queen’s knight. However, when you meet poorly prepared opponents, despite the loss of tempo, you have the surprise effect and well analysed variations on the white side. Black has to play correctly in order to be able to exploit white’s development deficit on the queenside after the opening has been settled; on the other hand, the second open diagonal for the white queen to a4 in particular often offers attacking possibilities there.

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Eric Rosen uses the opening frequently in his streams. He has released several videos of him playing the opening:

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The Ponziani Opening
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Learn one of the oldest chess openings: The Ponziani Opening. An opening that will catch many black e4 e5 players off guard.

Ponziani chess website
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Many lines from the ponziani chess website video, and a few of my own

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