Italian Game: Evans Gambit

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This opening is named after its inventor, the ship’s captain William Davies Evans.

If the black player accepts the gambit, White gains a developmental advantage.

Although at the level of the Grand Masters, the rejection of the gambit recently brought good results for Black, the pawn sacrifice is usually accepted. The results here are very varied, but generally these variants are also considered sufficient for black.

It is noteworthy that both Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov, both otherwise loyal supporters of the Spanish Game with White, considered this gambit playable and used it several times in the course of their careers. When Kasparov first successfully used the opening against Viswanathan Anand in 1995, which at that time had almost completely disappeared from tournament practice, the Evans Gambit was revived. Since then it has been rare, but can be found again at regular intervals in grandmaster practice.

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The Evans Gambit
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This is a study about the Evans Gambit inspired by the video from Hanging Pawns in his series about the Italian Game.

Evan's Gambit
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An important from a popular Lichess study!

Evans Gambit Variations
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5...Bc5 (happens most of the time in my games) 5...Bd6 (Stone-Ware) 5...Be7 (Anderssen) 5...Ba5 (Main line)

Evans Gambit
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Italian Game: Evans Gambit

Evans Gambit
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Evans Gambit/ Knight Attack Evans Gambit/ Knight Attack Evans Gambit/ Knight Attack

Evans Gambit
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The Evans Gambit opening

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Chơi Italian Game: Evans Gambit
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