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David Bronstein

Zurich International Chess Tournament, 1953

David Bronsteins Zurich International Chess Tournament Book is widely considered one of the greatest chess books ever written

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Bobby Fischer

My 60 Memorable Games

First published in 1969 in "My 60 Memorable Games" Bobby Fischer goes over his most famous games.

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Pentala Harikrishna Yasser Seirawan Levon Aronian Gata Kamsky David Navara
Mikhail Tal

Tal-Botvinnik 1960: Match for the World Chess Championship

Mikhail Tal annotates his games from his 1960 World Chess Championship match against Mikhail Botvinnik which he ultimately won.

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Peter Svidler Yasser Seirawan
Mikhail Tal

The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal

Mikhail Tal, the "magician from Riga", was one of the greatest attacking world champions in history. In this autobiography he goes over his extraordinary career.

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John Bartholomew Simon Williams Yasser Seirawan Pentala Harikrishna
Richard Réti

Masters of the Chessboard

In "Masters of the Chessboard" Richard Reti investigates the technique used by the great masters of his era.

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