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Bobby Fischer

My 60 Memorable Games

First published in 1969 in "My 60 Memorable Games" Bobby Fischer goes over his most famous games.

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Gata Kamsky Pentala Harikrishna Levon Aronian Yasser Seirawan David Navara
Aron Nimzowitsch

My System

My System written by Aron Nimzowitsch is a highly influential book that formed the way chess is played.

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Levon Aronian Wesley So Le Quang Liem
Mikhail Tal

Attack with Mikhail Tal

Mikhail Tal managed to gain the World Championship title with his uncompromising attacking style. Learn how to attack in chess by the best.

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Levon Aronian
Jonathan Rowson

Seven Deadly Chess Sins

This book investigates the psychological pitfalls that we all fall for when we play chess. Understand why you sometimes make bad moves and how to notice this earlier.

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Levon Aronian Daniel Naroditsky
Mikhail Shereshevsky

Endgame Strategy

Shereshevsky explains the principles of the endgame using classic examples from grandmaster practice.

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