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ERIC STAFFORD by aditya67543

Danish Gambit by Anarth

Danish Gambit study from Lichess @LucaVTaranto

Aggressive Scandinavian Lines for White by Loeksnokes

This study is a small repertoire with White versus the Scandinavian based on various miniatures.

Dutch by Anarth

Lichess dutch study by DM_CaptainObvious:

Sveshnikov Repertoire (in development) by Caique20022006

This study is about my complete sicilian repertoire, bein the sveshnikov my main weapon against the open sicilian.

Accelerated Dragon by Gainsmonger

Black opening response to 1.e4 with 1.e4,c5

Scotch Opening Repertoire by Zyrronn

Scotch Opening Repertoire

Caro-Kann defence by Ja

Caro-Kann by Mr_Penings

Sicilian defence, Najdorf variation by Ja

Najdorf by Mr_Penings

The Stafford Gambit by Arne

This study contains a lot of the traps in the Stafford Gambit. These traps are from the video from Eric Rosen ( about the Gambit titled "The Trappiest Open...

Sicilian Taimanov by aclonegeek

A study on the Taimanov variation of the Sicilian.

Stafford Gambit by aditya67543

Black Opening by 0xaditya

Jerome Gambit by Arne

This study contains lines for the Jerome Gambit. A fun opening gambit where white not only sacrifices one piece but two! The aim of this gambit is to strip the king of its cover by sacrificing a bish...

Nakhmanson by csg

Orthoschnapp Gambit by Arne

A few lines of the Orthoschnapp Gambit Opening. The engine may not like it and on the professional level it has not scored well, but judging by the games in the Lichess database the Orthoschnapp Gambi...

dethhhhhhfdgjhfxd by MariuszMakula69

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dethhhhhh by MariuszMakula69

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Anti-Sicilian Repertoire by Arne

This is an Anti-Sicilian Guide, which avoids all of the open Sicilian theory, suitable for players of all levels!

London System Repertoire by SummerAndo

Study by David Harold