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__001__Queen's Gambit Declined (D35-D42) by Jonathan003

__001__Queen's Gambit Declined (D35-D42)

Alapin Sicilian by Swazmataz

The c3 Sicilian for white

Scandinavian by Swazmataz

An easier one to learn, very natural

Scotch Game by Swazmataz

Just for refreshment here and there

In-Depth: The Lucchini Gambit by Arne

A study with the popular lines from the Lucchini Gambit. The Lucchini Gambit is filled with many deadly traps. A fun opening against the Italian Game. If you want to learn more about the Lucchini ...

French Defence by Ja

A study about the French Defense. Going over the important themes and covering multiple sidelines. Created by lichess user Mr_Pennings:

The Evans Gambit by Arne

This is a study about the Evans Gambit inspired by the video from Hanging Pawns in his series about the Italian Game.

Anti-Sicilian Repertoire by Arne

This is an Anti-Sicilian Guide, which avoids all of the open Sicilian theory, suitable for players of all levels!

Caro-Kann, Panov Attack by Swazmataz

This actually seems pretty fun

Caro-Kann defence by Ja

Caro-Kann by Mr_Penings

Kings Indian by thebiggusdickus


Kings Indian Defense by Arne

The Kings Indian is a flexible opening setup that leads to imbalanced and sharp positions from the beginning. It can be played against virtually all lines except 1. e4.

English Opening Repertoire by tomcraven

English Opening Repertoire

English Opening Repertoire by Arne

This is a comprehensive English opening (1. c4) repertoire. It is best suited for intermediate level players and above (~1500+).

Jerome Gambit by Arne

This study contains lines for the Jerome Gambit. A fun opening gambit where white not only sacrifices one piece but two! The aim of this gambit is to strip the king of its cover by sacrificing a bish...

Scotch Opening Repertoire by Zyrronn

Scotch Opening Repertoire

Scotch Gambit by sjakkman

Eyoo, this is a Scotch Gambit study

Accelerated Dragon by Gainsmonger

Black opening response to 1.e4 with 1.e4,c5

QGD Vienna: (Ragozin move order) by Eubo0

This is a comprehensive repertoire that is entirely from the video series by Chess fan MWP. Big thanks for making the PGNs available. Go check him out on youtube for more chess videos at : https://ww...

Stafford Gambit by aditya67543

Stafford Gambit study imported from: