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London System Repertoire
229 by SummerAndo

Repertoire for white in the London System.

Vienna Opening - GothamChess
155 by oudaasahi

This study follows Levy Rozman's video on the Vienna Opening and the most important variations he mentions. You can follow along with his video on the GothamChess channel (

The Stafford Gambit
126 by Arne

This study contains a lot of the traps in the Stafford Gambit. These traps are from the video from Eric Rosen ( about the Gambit titled "The Trappiest Open...

Caro-kann Black
111 by mattiasahlsen

Practice Caro-kann defense as black.

Kings Indian Defense
102 by Arne

The Kings Indian is a flexible opening setup that leads to imbalanced and sharp positions from the beginning. It can be played against virtually all lines except 1. e4.

Sicilian Defense
52 by ForkPower

In this study I aim to show you the basics of the sicilian (1.e4 c5)

Queens Gambit Structures
51 by Painterpainter

Queens Gambit Structures

English Opening Repertoire
46 by Arne

This is a comprehensive English opening (1. c4) repertoire. It is best suited for intermediate level players and above (~1500+).

Scotch Opening Repertoire
44 by Zyrronn

Scotch Opening Repertoire

Ruy Lopez
38 by fancymcpantz

From Lichess study

Vienna Repertoire
37 by ElijahCharles


Hyper-Accelerated Dragon
34 by Arne

This is a complete, in-depth opening repertoire for the Hyper-Accelerated Dragon as black, suitable for players of all levels.

The Evans Gambit
33 by Arne

This is a study about the Evans Gambit inspired by the video from Hanging Pawns in his series about the Italian Game.

Sicilian Dragon
30 by EdWebo

Sicilian defence dragon variation

Caro-Kann defence
28 by Ja

Caro-Kann by Mr_Penings

Understanding the Smith Morra Gambit
28 by Arne

This is my study about the Smith Morra Gambit. The perfect gambit to get sicilian players out of their repertoire.

Opening Traps
27 by tactics

Imported from Lichess' most popular study of the same name by user Toxenory! Both White and Black side traps.

London System
26 by DTKMoves

London System Repetoire

The Italian Game
25 by Fernsage

Ideas and lines in the Italian Game

Stafford Gambit
25 by aditya67543

Stafford Gambit study imported from: