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🎃 Halloween Gambit 🎃 von Arne

Learn the main lines of the Halloween Gambit. In this spooky opening white gives away a knight for some mighty pawns in the center. Can black untangle and develop or will whites development advantage ...

Gambits and Traps von tactics

All Imported from the wonderful lichess study It has both White(E.g Halloween Gambit) and Black(E.g Englund Gambit) Studies. Though many arrows may be shown, ther...

Compact Scandinavian For White von Loeksnokes

In this study I give a compact repertoire against all main line Scandinavian responses, and common inferior plays. The repertoire is based on miniature games at the 2300+ level, together with some St...

A Comprehensive Najdorf Repetoire (Nearly) von Swazmataz

Everything from the St Louis Najdorf Lectures

QGD: Cambridge Springs von Swazmataz

Much preferred to the Tarrasch

Understanding the Budapest Gambit von Arne

This study about the Budapest Gambit covers the basics of the four main variations of the opening. For more information about this opening check out the video by Hanging Pawns:

Harlem White 2 von HarlemKnight

Do I need to constantly import study, or does it sync with Lichess?

Sicilian Dragon von EdWebo

Sicilian defence dragon variation

Orthoschnapp Gambit von Arne

A few lines of the Orthoschnapp Gambit Opening. The engine may not like it and on the professional level it has not scored well, but judging by the games in the Lichess database the Orthoschnapp Gambi...

Harlem White von HarlemKnight

Starting with Smith Mora, but will build up to white in general.

e4 Repertoire von UndefeatedGaul

e4 repertoire for white. Vienna, b3 sicillian and french advance caro

Colle-Zukertort System - Short and Sweet Intro von Painterpainter

Concise Introduction to the Colle-Zukertort System

Colle-Zukertort System - Common Variations von Painterpainter

Common Club Variations in the Colle-Zukertort System

Colle-Zukertort System - Game Studies von Painterpainter

Studies Colle-Zukertor System Games

Intro to The Vienna von Painterpainter

The Vienna game is for white, and can be a very powerful opening because it is so rare. after e4, to get to the Vienna game starting position, black must play;

Vienna Gambit Variations von Painterpainter

Vienna Gambit Variations

The Vienna Game: Daring Variations von Painterpainter

Dare Devil Variations in The Vienna Game

Reti Studies- Mainline Variations von Painterpainter

This is guide on the reti opening. Since D5 is the most common move against Nf3, i go very deep into this play. I will do the sidelines aswell, but they will only contain quick analysis. If you guys r...

Reti Rampage - The Opening of The Future von Painterpainter

The Reti Opening, once dubbed "The Opening of the Future" by Savielly Tartakower, is defined by this move right here. As you can see, by committing a knight to f3, we control the center (thus preventi...

Intro to Reti Variations von Painterpainter

Intro Reti and Variations