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This study follows Levy Rozman's video on the Vienna Opening and the most important variations he mentions. You can follow along with his video on the GothamChess channel (




Vienna Game


Thank you for creating this!

by: vjohannesb

This is fantastic

by: davioliva16

Thank You

by: coolguy

I love you I wish you bear many children.

by: ExtrasensoryMe


by: Marek2004

How do I reset to beginning?

by: AJB

@AJB click "Progress" on bottom right and it shows your progress for each line and gives you the option to reset

by: BoomStraccalaka

Why i'm stuck at 94 % of the first chapter

by: Babychris

Thank you so much

by: MohammadKanaan

Great study! Thank you for taking the time to make it!

by: chazzroxx

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