Nimzo-Larsen Attack

Chessboard showing the Nimzo-Larsen Attack with the moves 1. b3 played
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The Nimzo-Larsen attack is by all means an unorthodox opening. This opening is suitable for those who want to upset their opponents with openings they probably have never seen before.

White starts with the move 1.b3 to bring his bishop directly to b2. Even though the opening is not played very often, it is far from dubious. Even players like Hikaru Nakamura have used it with great success before.

Studies about the Nimzo-Larsen Attack

Learn the Nimzo-Larsen Attack using public studies.

Nimzo Larsen Case Study
14 by Arne

This is a study I created to the video Larsens Opening: 1.b3 Chess Openings Explained from the Saint Louis Chess Club

Nimzo larsen
7 by yolorino3

Study from lichess on the nimzo

5 by dienarzisse

Nimzo-Larsen Chess Opening

The Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack
5 by CrazyD07

This study aims to uncover the secrets of the underrated opening and positional play of the aggressive attack. This study covers the Hypermodern lines, Modern lines and even the Classical lines. I hope this study helps you on your journey to chess mastery and tactical stardom.

Nimzo-Larsen Attack
4 by trotmessiah

nimzo-larsen attack. my fingers hurt from chewing

1. b3
4 by Howlad

Some basic 1.b3 lines to learn the Nimzo-Larsen attack

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