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Chessboard showing the English Opening with the moves 1. c4 played
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The English opening is a flexible opening, in which one can often switch to other opening systems; for example, to the Queen’s Gambit, to the Indian Defence or to the Sicilian, many options are available. No other opening system offers such a variety of possibilities.

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English Opening Repertoire
193 by Arne

This is a comprehensive English opening (1. c4) repertoire. It is best suited for intermediate level players and above (~1500+).

English Opening Repertoire
21 by tomcraven

English Opening Repertoire

English c4
7 by quinnm

Based on https://lichess.org/study/5hv8FruF

4 by itsumogakusei

As central control and good development are so important during the opening, mankind would have been forgiven for thinking that 1 e4 and 1 d4 were the only worthwhile first moves. However, the games of Howard Staunton demonstrated another approach, beginning with 1 c4 - White doesn't immediately occupy the centre with his pawns but instead prefers to control the central squares (with a pawn on c4, knights on c3 and f3, and a bishop on g2), waiting for Black to reveal his development before committing the e- and d-pawns. This approach can begin with a wide variety of moves - 1 c4 is the

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