The Best Way to Memorize Chess Openings

Created at: 2020-07-06

Memorizing openings is usually not much fun. The blunt repetition of the moves without a system is not necessarily fun and also not very effective. Let me explain now how you can use Listudy to memorize openings easily while having fun.

Listudy helps you memorize openings

Listudy uses spaced repetition to effectively teach openings. Maybe you have heard of spaced repetition, for everyone else here is a short recap:

Spaced repetition is a learning method that involves increasing time intervals between the repetition of learned content. It exploits the “spacing effect”, according to which content that is learned over a longer period of time is better remembered than content that is intensively repeated in a short time.

With Listudy, you use this method by playing against your repertoire, and Listudy constantly selects the moves you need to learn the most. In this way weak spots are systematically tackled and eradicated.

This playful way to learn the opening is not only fun but also effective. And since you will have fun doing it, you are more likely to stick with the training.

If you are looking for chess openings that you want to memorize, we have a big collection of chess openings to choose from. If you have your own opening repertoire, you can register and then upload it to train with it.

Why should you memorize chess openings?

The advantages of memorizing an opening are numerous.

Save time if you know an opening from the inside-out while your opponent has to calculate every move you will emerge from the opening with a considerable time advantage. You can use this time strategically in the middlegame and endgame to beat your opponent.

Psychological advantage not only will you gain time on you opponent, you will also unsettle him. Your opponent will be intimidated if you blitz out every move in the opening. He will know that you are more knowledgeable in this opening and constantly wonder if he is not stepping into a trap. You will also be more self-confident because you know your way around the opening. The doubt your opponent will have you will avoid yourself.

Is Listudy enough?

I hope that Listudy helps you to memorize chess openings, but is memorizing enough? I have sometimes experienced how I memorized an opening and my opponent made a move that I did not know and I was completely pulled out of the game.

This has taught me that not only the moves are important but also the concepts behind the moves. For this reason, the comments from the studies are shown, in which the reason for various moves can be explained. But this does not completely replace the need to go deeper into the openings. Books about openings are still the best way to do this. For this reason the combination of books and Listudy is, in my opinion, the best way to learn to open.



Is there a particular book or set of books that you recommend for learning openings?

by: bamojam

I don't understand exactly how the spaced repetition works on LiStudy. How do I know when I should come back to review? It doesn't look like there are any notifications like in Chessable.

by: dsiebrits

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