The Stafford Gambit


This study contains a lot of the traps in the Stafford Gambit. These traps are from the video from Eric Rosen ( about the Gambit titled "The Trappiest Opening in Chess? | Win Quickly with the Stafford Gambit". As the title suggests, the Stafford Gambit is filled with deadly traps. A fun opening for the risk takers.




Stafford Gambit


best gambit for traps

von: Nassy

Love this study, very good way to practice the gambit.

von: sam267

Is there any way to turn off the arrows?

von: teeeeee

Great study, thank you so much!

von: sylvain84

Good way to learn, but maybe only have two variations per study? otherwise it is a bit connfusing.

von: RitikaJ

Yeah, wish you could get rid of those arrows. Good work otherwise.

von: maddddog69

I keep getting the same one instead of new moves

von: kylknght

How to save all this games

von: PsychoSharmaa

Oh no, my queen!

von: OprahsFatAnkles

Thank you Arne! Love it! Please make one on Gotham Chess Englund Gambit.

von: DorjeD

Thank you so much for the study!


formidable étude sur le stafford ! merci !!!

von: lemollahomar

Howdy, Great Study Curious; how many do you have to get right? Mine stopped at 99% with 406x right moves...

von: MrTaffs

Awesome! This is exactly what I needed

von: gvlive

Analysis option in study will be more better.

von: fahim224

amazing opening

von: clash123x

a very detailed study of the Stafford. Thank you very much

von: spinoza99


von: buymen

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