No idea what to do in the endgame? Learn endgames by playing against stockfish.


Learn the basic checkmating techniques.

King and Pawn Endgames

Win games with only Pawns on the board

Bishops and Pawns

Endgames with only Bishops and Pawns on the board.

Knights, Bishops and Pawns

Endgames with Knights, Bishops and Pawns.

Two Minor Pieces against one Minor Piece

Two minor pieces against one minor piece, with and without pawns.

Rook against Pawns

Rook against Pawn endgames.

Rook against minor Pieces

Rook against minor pieces endgames.

Minor pieces against Rook

Minor pieces against Rook endgames.

Queen against Pawns

Queen against pawn endgames.

Queens and Pawns

Queens and pawn endgames.

Queen against Rook

Queen against Rook

Queen against Minor Pieces

Queen against minor pieces.