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With Listudy you can improve your chess skills with the help of spaced repetition.

Better train openings, endgames and tactics with the help of systematic repetition.

Study Openings

Use Listudy to better memorize openings.

Play against your opening repertoire and learn them playfully and with scientifically effective methods.

Explore the latest openings.

Train Tactics

Train tactics with thousands of tactical sequences from real games.

Get better at identifying and exploiting tactics.

Train your tactical abilities: Tactics


Find the best chess books for you.

Discover the greatest books with the help of Grandmaster recommendations.

Explore the best chess books.


Become unbeatable in endgames.

Train endgames against Stockfish to become skilled and ready to take on any human opponent.

Train your endgame abilities: Endgames


Improve your visualization skills with blind tactics.

Solve tactics while only seeing the board from 2 moves ago.

Train your visualization skills: Blind Tactics


You can help make Listudy better.

The support can look different. Report bugs if you find any, fix bugs if you can, help translate Listudy into other languages.

Visit github to find out more about how you can help: https://github.com/ArneVogel/listudy

Free & Open Source

Your freedoms are important. That's why you have the rights to:

  1. Run the server yourself as you wish, for any purpose
  2. Study how the software works, and change it so it does your computing as you wish
  3. Redistribute the software
  4. Distribute copies of your modified versions

You can find the source code running Listudy on github: https://github.com/ArneVogel/listudy

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