Tactic Books

Tactics are one of the most important aspects of chess. Seeing tactics and exploiting them is an effective way to get wins.

Peter Romanovsky

Chess Middlegame Combinations

The book to learn how to make moves with positional plans and combinational ideas in mind.

Daniel Naroditsky
László Polgár

Chess: 5334 Problems, Combinations and Games

Never miss a checkmate tactic again. With over 3000 checkmate in two problems and 700 mate in three problems.

Daniel Naroditsky
Ger van Perlo

Van Perlo's Endgame Tactics

This book is a classic and award winning book about tactics in the endgame.

Daniel Naroditsky

Why buy a tactics book?

Why should I even buy a tactics book when I can play thousands of tactics online (for example on this site :))?

Most tactics books do not simply list tactics and give the solution. They explain the background, point out important considerations and hopefully explain the solutions in a comprehensible way.

I also think that you get more involved in the tactics when you solve them in a book. Online, if you don’t see the exact solution, you often quickly play the move that comes to mind, regardless of whether you have seen all the way to the end or not. Offline, with a book, you are not as exposed to this temptation.

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