Opening Traps


Imported from Lichess' most popular study of the same name by user Toxenory! Both White and Black side traps.






Lasker should be pawn into into Knight so he can check and get a free Queen instead of trading Queen and losing Castling ability.

por: reggin123

Fishing pole trap: Can you make Qh2# a right move in addition to Qh1#?

por: Zajeec

The Second trap should be promoted to a knight. promoting to a queen doesn't make sense.

por: d4d5c4

Are there any for White in this series? All I see are for Black.

por: FortyofForty

For the Mortimer Trap: after Nc4, cxb5 should NOT be a recommended move because it blunders mate in 1 with Nd6#

por: MetALz

Thank you author! Please keep making!

por: Cobra


por: Frogminz

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