Bishop's Opening

Chessboard showing the Bishop's Opening with the moves 1. e4 e5 2. Bc4 played
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The bishop’s opening is a solid opening with some sharp variations. The disadvantage that White commits himself early with 2. Bc4 is compensated by the fact that White has some other development possibilities, e.g. White can decide between 3. d4 and 3. d3 after 2. … Nf6 White can often develop the queen after e2 or a build-up with c3, d3 and Nd2. White has the choice between quieter or sharp variations. It offers transitions, e.g. through 3. Nf3 into the King’s Knight game or e.g. into the Vienna game through 3. Nc3. For the French chess master François-André Danican Philidor it was the best of all openings. The Bishop’s Opening is played only rarely nowadays.

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