Mikhail Tal

The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal

Mikhail Tal, the "magician from Riga", was one of the greatest attacking world champions in history. In this autobiography he goes over his extraordinary career.


>What are your five favourite chess books? Two works by Tal, My Life and Games and the 1960 World Championship Match

Yasser Seirawan, https://www.kingpinchess.net/2015/04/yasser-seirawan/

>What books have you read that helped you to become stronger? I have read classics like Fischer's My 60 memorable games or games of Mikhail Tal

Pentala Harikrishna, https://chessbase.in/news/Interview_with_Pentala_Harikrishna

My copy of this book is in complete tatters! All the pages are falling out, just because it has been read so many times!

Simon Williams, https://www.chess.com/blog/Ginger_GM/five-chess-books-that-have-helped-me-become-a-grandmaster

>What is your favourite chess book? Life & Games of Mikhail Tal.

John Bartholomew, https://chess24.com/en/read/news/quick-chat-with-john-bartholomew-the-man-from-minneapolis

Mikhail Tal was one of the greatest attacking players of all time.