3 Chess Visualization Exercise Apps

Erstellt von:: 2021-04-15

Can you visualize the chessboard in your head? Maybe you have seen videos of Grandmasters who can play entire games blindfolded. With these three chess apps you can playfully learn to visualize the chess board more clearly.

Blind Tactics

Blind tactics is about solving tactics while seeing the chessboard from 2 moves before. This means that you have to visualize for yourself how the chessboard has changed since then and how this enables tactics.

This training is most comparable to real play. Calculating tactics is about looking as far into the future as possible and seeing all the different possibilities. With blind tactics, you are forced to do this and to keep several moves in memory.

Want to try some blind tactics? Try now

Pieceless Tactics

Pieceless tactics go one step further. Here there are no pieces on the chessboard. It is indicated next to the board where the pieces should be.

These are small tactics with up to six pieces. The difficulty here is to place all the pieces correctly in your mind on the correct placed on the board.

Pieceless tactics: Try now

Lichess Blindfold Chess

You can play on Lichess in blindfold mode. You can set this in the game display settings. There you will find the setting “Blindfold chess (invisible pieces)”. With this setting turned on the pieces will be invisible during gameplay.

You will still see the history of moves and the outline of the last move. Although this makes it easier it is a good step towards being able to play completely blind.

More Chess Visualization Training

There are also videos on the YouTube channel of Chessfactor about chess visualization: Part 1.

In these videos you have to follow the game while trying to visualize moves played from each position before they are actually played out. In the end you have to solve a tactic seeing the board from a few moves behind.



I am trying to get better at chess visualization. This website is really helpful to me, especially the blind tactics. Thanks for doing this!

von: Afif

try the app "blindfold Chess Training". It can be used for opeining and endgaames tactics and is 100% free.

von: ibaobab

blind chess is very unique puzzle yet very good thanks listudy team!

von: ishaanharsha

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