Caro-kann Black


Practice Caro-kann defense as black.






Great work really helpful! I also really like the comments you included.

di: allama

Great work really helpful! I also really like the comments you included.

di: allama

"The f4 bishop covers the b1 square..." I believe this is an error in the notes for the exchange variation.

di: dev93

I was very impressed with all the variations that you included, and the comments are helpful as well. Could you make one of these from white's perspective too?

di: JoshS

formidable outil pour s'entrainer ! juste une petite precision de traduction en Français : to castle se dit "roquer" en Francais.Merci pour ce travail !

di: lemollahomar

Thanks a lot for the great work! One thought I had if you revisit the notes, it sometimes feels unclear with phrases like "this move" included. Sometimes I couldn't tell if it was the move next or the previous move which where referred to in the notes.

di: ArbitraryOstrich I think this is the source from lichess in case someone wants to study it

di: Htednus

Good job. Helpful.

di: waijo

Thank you very much for putting this study together. It's going to be a big help for me. :)

di: BillCNJ

Great work!!

di: aslacore

In „The Two Knights Variation“ , sideline 3. … Sf6, „Black response 8...Be6: White has two overextended pawns, leaving black with a better position.“ seems to be a slip of the pen. After 9. Nxe6 Black is lost. Instead Black has to move 8. … Bg6.

di: gavagai

Really nice and good lines !! Thank you for your effort !

di: pstrutz

Thank you for your work. In the "Exchange Variation" after Qc7 Ne2 e5 dxe5 Nxe5 Bb5+ Bd7 is Qxd5 possible an looks like a realistic line in my eyes. Eventually you add this line.

di: Boese

Thank you, good study that helps me. .

di: resocut

Thank you for providing this chess opening training. It is extremely helpful and amazing. Keep up the good work.

di: WOS77

Ich möchte mich ganz herzlich bei Autoren für dieses Projekt bedanken. Mein Respekt und vielen Dank für die tolle Leistung!!!!

di: Germanist

Thank you so much!

di: langbusin

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