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Compact Scandinavian For White

In this study I give a compact repertoire against all main line Scandinavian responses, and common inferior plays. The repertoire is based on miniature games at the 2300+ level, together with some Stockfish modifications when White actually played inferior lines. Every line ends with at least +/=, and almost all of them are actually in +/- or +- territory. Coverage is (very) thin for less common lines in modern play. There are thematic attacking setups by White which seem a bit strange for people trained with classical opening theory, but they are played at the highest levels and are stockfish certified. Learning these "active piece play" type justifications has greatly helped my middlegame play.

Rossolimo Main Lines

This is a super-light study with just coverage of the absolute four main lines by Black against the Rossolimo. 3. ... g6 is the main response by a wide margin, so it has a lot more coverage than the other three lines, which just have essentially one or two lines of play each.

Elephant Gambit for White

Two model lines from the 2. exd5 variation of the Elephant Gambit.

Caro-Kann Short Variation super-compact

This is my typical very compact repertoire versus the Caro-Kann. The original rep is based on six games up through the end of the opening where all of White's moves are good, and all of Black's choices are top choices. More lines may be added in time, but if the opponent strays from these lines, White can be confident that their position is good, and White can try to play following the models of the main lines.

Super Compact French Defense for White

Five game fragments covering main line French Defenses