Getting the most out of Studies

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In this blog entry I would like to give tips on how studies can be created and used most effectively to get the most out of them.

Tips for creating studies

Since all moves of the pgn are used during training of studies, it is best to put only good replies for the training side into the pgn.

This means only include good moves for yourself, while for the opponent you may also include bad moves.

If you want to be aware of bad lines for the training side, a comment is best suited for this.

Tips for Studying

All moves are shown twice with arrows indicating the move. During this learning phase the moves are discovered. Many people play quickly through this phase to get to the “real” learning, but I think it is worth taking the time to read the comments and try to understand the moves. Even if you invest more time in the process, I have noticed that fewer mistakes happen later and that learning is more efficient.

The training should be repeated over and over again. I can learn openings best by repeating a few lines every day. This constant repetition makes the moves easier to remember. If you only learn the moves once and then try to play through the study again after lets say a week, you will soon realize that you have already forgotten many moves.

Closing words

Lastly, I would like to say: don’t take it all too seriously, chess is still a game. If you have fun playing and learning that is all that matters.



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