Mikhail Tal

Tal-Botvinnik 1960: Match for the World Chess Championship

Mikhail Tal annotates his games from his 1960 World Chess Championship match against Mikhail Botvinnik which he ultimately won.


>What are your five favourite chess books? Two works by Tal, My Life and Games and the 1960 World Championship Match

Yasser Seirawan, https://www.kingpinchess.net/2015/04/yasser-seirawan/

I love old tournament books. Two most obvious examples are Bronstein’s Zurich Interzonal 1953 and Tal’s book on his match vs Botvinnik.

Peter Svidler, https://www.kingpinchess.net/2013/02/peter-svidler/

Interesting book written by Mikhail Tal about his World Chess Championships match he won.