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Kings Indian for Rimar

Kings Indian Study for Rimar

Ruy Lopez Traps

Ruy Lopez Traps and Tactics - Lichess

Queens Gambit Structures

Queens Gambit Structures

Intro to Key Sicilian Variations

In this study we are going to explore some of the key variations of the Sicilian defense (c5), a very common response to e4 and it is used by most top level players.

Intro to Sicilian Najdor

This opening repertoire will only cover the lines starting 5. a6 for Black. I have written 2 other complete Sicilian guides (Kan and Hyper-Accelerated Dragon) that includes different recommendations against the sidelines such as 2. c3 and 2. Nc3.

Avoiding Blunders

How to avoid blunders in competitions

The Art Of The Middle Game

The distinguished authors who have written the succeeding chapters of this book have concentrated on two main objectives: the way one should think in the middle game and the manner in which the thoughts that arise during this process are translated into action.

Wesley So Games

Wesley So Games Mostly in White

Kasparov Vs Karpov Game Analysis

Kasparov Vs Karpov Game Analysis

London System Intro Variation

London System Intro Variation

Brilliant Checkmate Sequences #1

Brilliant Checkmate Sequence #1

Brilliant Checkmate Sequences #2

Brilliant Checkmate Sequences #2

Class Reti Games

Study of Classic Reti Games from the Masters

Zukertort/Reti Opening Variations

Zukertort/Reti Opening Variations

Intro to Reti Variations

Intro Reti and Variations

Colle-Zukertort System - Common Variations

Common Club Variations in the Colle-Zukertort System

Colle-Zukertort System - Short and Sweet Intro

Concise Introduction to the Colle-Zukertort System

Reti Rampage - The Opening of The Future

The Reti Opening, once dubbed "The Opening of the Future" by Savielly Tartakower, is defined by this move right here. As you can see, by committing a knight to f3, we control the center (thus preventing e5), and commit Black to a concrete plan before White does. Thus, this makes the opening a very flexible opening and a good one for beginners to learn.

Reti Studies- Mainline Variations

This is guide on the reti opening. Since D5 is the most common move against Nf3, i go very deep into this play. I will do the sidelines aswell, but they will only contain quick analysis. If you guys really want me to go in Depth on the sidelines aswell, tell me and i will go hard on this! ;) Hope you enjoy this study and i would love a like :D The study ends with some games with the Reti.

The Vienna Game: Daring Variations

Dare Devil Variations in The Vienna Game

Vienna Gambit Variations

Vienna Gambit Variations

Colle-Zukertort System - Game Studies

Studies Colle-Zukertor System Games

Intro to The Vienna

The Vienna game is for white, and can be a very powerful opening because it is so rare. after e4, to get to the Vienna game starting position, black must play;

The French Defense - Intro

Intro to the French Defense for Black

Stonewall Strategies

Strategies in Stonewall Positions