Stafford Gambit

Scacchiera che mostra la Stafford Gambit con le mosse 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.Nxe5 Nc6 giocate
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The Stafford Gambit is a deadly opening for black if white does not know how to defend.

Study the Stafford

I would like to highlight two studies with which you can start learning the opening. One for black on the attacking side and one for the white side trying to defend.

The Stafford Gambit is for the black side. It contains many tactics that you must know to break through whites defense.

Refuting the Stafford Gambit is for the white side trying to defend. This study includes all the lines you need to know by heart not to run into the tactics of black.

Video Content

There is awesome video content about the Stafford Gambit available on youtube.

Eric Rosen is most likely responsible for the surge in Stafford Gambit players with his video The Trappiest Opening in Chess?.

If you want to learn how to defend yourself against the opening as white, I recommend the video by Daniel Naroditsky: Snuffing the Stafford Gambit. In the video Daniel explains how to best defend, covering many lines and variations that you encounter as white.

Studi sulla Stafford Gambit

Impara la Stafford Gambit usando studi pubblici.

The Stafford Gambit
257 by Arne

This study contains a lot of the traps in the Stafford Gambit. These traps are from the video from Eric Rosen ( about the Gambit titled "The Trappiest Opening in Chess? | Win Quickly with the Stafford Gambit". As the title suggests, the Stafford Gambit is filled with deadly traps. A fun opening for the risk takers.

Stafford Gambit
30 by aditya67543

Stafford Gambit study imported from:

Eric Rosen Stafford Gambit
23 by mushroom

Refuting the Stafford Gambit
22 by Arne

The aim of this study is to refute the Stafford Gambit. Learn these lines if you have problems against the new popular gambit. This study contains the lines by Daniel Naroditsky from his video Snuffing the Stafford Gambit. Checkout the video if you want to learn more about the lines and why the moves are played:

Stafford Gambit Traps
18 by KingNex

10 different traps in the Stafford Gambit

16 by aditya67543

Stafford Gambit traps explained in this video:

Stafford Gambit Trappole e Tattiche

Migliora nell'apertura Stafford Gambit risolvendo tattiche prese da inizio partita. Riconosci trappole e errori dei tuoi avversari e traine vantaggio. Allena tattiche da 11 partite diverse.


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