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Philidor Defense (Hanging Pawns)

The Philidor Defense as explained by Handing Pawns

Chigorin Defense (Hanging Pawns)

YEP I summarise Stjepan's Chigorin playlist. sources: Hanging Pawns |

Fighting the Scotch

Some tricky bullet lines against the Scotch.

Fighting the Italian

Some traps in the most boring opening.

Scotch Gambit (Jedi Guide)

In this study I cover some games and ideas in James Canty's Scotch Gambit playlist. sources: James Canty III | Alex Fishbein | The Scotch Gambit: An Energetic and Aggressive System for White

Modern Defense (Hanging Pawns)

In this study I showcase some lines mentioned in the Hanging Pawns' Modern Defense playlist. Modern Defense is characterized by early kingside fianchetto and queenside pawn advancement. sources: Hanging Pawns |