Li as in Libre

Creato il: 2020-07-27

I have been asked several times now what the “Li” in Listudy stands for and whether it’s connected to Lichess. With this post I would like to answer these questions.

The Li

The Li in both Listudy and in Lichess stands for libre. And libre in this context stands for the open license that the two websites use. Like Lichess, Listudy is published under the AGPL-3 license.

AGPT-3 is “libre” because it is a free license. The word libre is used, instead of free, to distinguish it from the usage of the word “free” as in free as beer. See the wikipedia article Gratis versus libre for more information.

Listudy and Lichess

I’m a big fan of Lichess. I think it’s the best chess site. And since I am also for free and open source software I adopted the Li of Lichess as a tribute to it.



Thank you for all!

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