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Traxler as black

Traxler as black, some Bxf7 lines, but mainly extensive calculation of Nxf7

Smith Morra e6 Bb4

How to apply the Qd4 idea

Sicilian Defense: Dragon Variation, Levenfish Variation

how to punish common mistakes in the Levenfish Variation of the Sicilian Dragon


How to face the e4e5Bc4Bc5Nf3Nf6/e4e5Nf3Nf6Bc4Bc5/e4e5Bc4Nf6Nf3Bc5/etc? copycat as white

Lolli attack 6. exd4?

surprisingly common and it can be reached from multiple move orders

Sicilian Defense: Magnus Smith Trap

One possible line in Sicilian Defense: Sozin, not Scheveningen