Pieceless Tactics

Improve your chess visualization skills

All the pieces have disappeared! There is only a list of where the pieces should be next to the board. Can you visualize the position well enough in your head to solve the tactic?

How it works

Using pieceless tactics takes getting used to. Here I try to explain how to use them as simple and as clear as possible.

Where are the pieces?

If you load a pieceless tactic, you will be looking at an empty chessboard. Next to the chessboard, however, you will see exactly where the pieces should be placed on the chessboard.

Your task now is to visualize the pieces on the board and to try to solve the tactic.

Piece list

Resuelve más tácticas:

Have you visualized the position and solved the tactics? Then you can play the solution now.

If you click on the position on the field on which a piece is standing, you will be shown where the piece can move to. Simply move the piece as you normally would.

Board showing the legal moves if you click on the square of a piece


If you have made the right move, the history is displayed. There you can see what the AI played in response to your move.

Keep playing until the tactic is solved!

move history showing the moves played